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What is the Transportation Management system?

Transport Management System

Transportation Management system is a term related to the Supply chain management that is associated with the planning, execution, and optimization of the transportation of goods. In simple words. It's a logistics platform that helps the users to perform the transportation fleets at the optimal level.

Transport Management system short form noted as TMS, TMS term comes in between Enterprise resource planning (ERP), order processing, and warehouse module. 
Transport software for carriers is involved in the Inbound, i.e., procurement and outbound, i.e., shipping orders to be transport to destiny. This inbound procurement and outbound orders are evaluated by the TMS Planning Module, offering the best optimal level of procedure. This approach provides optimum routing solutions.

The user checks this Transport Management Solution for reasonableness and transfers it on to the transport review. Once the best way of provider is selected., the solution generates the transportation load and track to implement the optimized shipment with the carrier chosen, later to support freight audit and financial payment process, which link back to the ERP system.

Transportation Management Solution for carriers  divided into four key processes of transportation management

  1. Planning and decision: TMS will determine the most optimal mode of transport schemes according to given parameters', as according to the requirement of the user policy such as transportation cost, lead time, fewer steps to ensure quality, regrouping, coefficient, etc
  1. Execution: TMS will allow for the implementation of the carrier rate acceptance, carrier dispatching for reaching up the optimal mode of transportation
  1. Follow up: TMS will allow tracking up the complete operation such as both physical and administrative operations (Shipping from A, arrival at B, customs clearance, etc.)
  1. Measurement: TMS has a logistics key performance indicator (KPI) reporting of the complete functionality of transportation 
TMS Function

TMS functions include:

  •          Planning and optimizing terrestrial transportation rounds
  •          Collection of inbound and outbound transportation modes and transportation providers 
  •          Management of road, rail, air, and maritime transportation 
  •          Real-time transportation tracking, enabling real-time monitoring of local and 
  •      Shipping across all transportation networks and industries
  •          Service quality analysis in the form of KPIs (see below)           
  •          Transport load and path optimization
  •          Transport costs and scheme modeling 
  •          WareHouse Management
  •          Shipment batching of orders
  •          Inventory tracking/management 
  •          Internal-communication (i.e., truck driver to the dispatcher) 
  •          Freight 
  •          Cost control, KPI (key performance indicators) reporting and statistics
  •          Freight evaluation

Transportation Management Software

Transport Management System Software, simplify the user's bookings, operations, tracking, and monitoring of goods that are to be transported. This management software helps to optimize fleet management at each level of steps, which tracks all the logistics business functions by improving operations and business management with the help of technology. Transport management software helps operators to decide at each level of step, providing accurate data, and generating reports of revenue. Transport Software Demo gives complete information about the software.

Characteristics of Transportation Management Software
Transport Management Software characteristics·         Operation Module
·         Fleet Management
·         Reports
·         Billing & Invoice
·         Shipment Tracking
·         Barcode
·         Mobile App
·         Full Truck Management
·         Courier Booking Management

1.Operation Module

It is a movement of goods from one place to another, where the destination of goods is reached from the loading stage to the unloading stage.
Software tracks down the movement of goods from one location to another, as from the loading stage to the unloading stage, this helps to monitor the fleet movement through this optimal transportation of goods are acquired.

The Transportation Management Software tracks the booking and transshipment of goods; the various products of the operators are booked in bulk, and tracking of the shipment is tracked down at each level of shipments in the transport management solutions.

2.Fleet Management
It is an administrative approach that helps companies to manage transportation, coordinate, and organize work vehicles to improve efficiency and reduce cost. Time to time tracking of driver behaviour, proper vehicle use, work breaks, and safety is done. 

Fleet Management is the management of commercial transportation vehicles such as cars, vans trucks, and private vehicles for work purposes, aircraft, railways, and ships. Fleet management consists of different functions, such as leasing of a commercial type of cars, financing, maintenance, license, compliance, supply chain management, accident management, vehicle tracking, and diagnosis, driver management, speed and fuel management, and safety and health management.

Fleet management manages the function of all companies who rely on transportation in business to eliminate and minimize the risks in vehicle investment, improve efficiency, productivity, decrease the cost of transportation and staff costs with the complete 100% compliance with government policy. This management is dealt with both in-house – fleet management and outsources-fleet-management providers.

Transport Management system Software for carriers monitor the administrative approach which helps companies to manage, coordinate and organize work vehicles to improve efficiency
The Software monitors driver behaviour, proper vehicle use, work breaks, and safety.
Route planning of vehicles is done. 

MIS report means Management Information System. It helps the company to plan better and organize the operations is used for generating reports such as inventory status, financial statements, performance reports, etc

Transportation Management software helps to monitor day to the day sales report, overall count report, and load handling report, receiving, and booking report.
The monthly report generated can be analyzed, which helps to identify the flaws in sales, incoming, outgoing manifest, overall count, load handling, payment mode, etc.

4.Billing & Invoice
 The Bill and invoice generated by a carrier to a consignee of freight and containing an identifying a description of the cargo, the shipper's name, the shipment's point of origin, its weight, and the amount of charges.

TMS software logistics manages the finance, accounts, and customer outstanding report of the carrier and consignee. Customer wise invoice is generated automatically also tracks the invoice from loading to unloading. 

5.Shipment Tracking
It’s all about the tracking of the shipment, as the Shipping, handing over of cargo to a carrier or other providers of transport services, monitoring of each level of fright movement is done.

Shipment online tracking data is tracked on website portals, where each level of shipment is tracked out through mobile devices or website portal. Internal tracking of shipment is traced out was the consignment, the act of handing over cargo to a carrier or other transportation service, monitoring of each level of transportation of goods, movement is done.

 Barcode which represents data in a visual, machine-readable form. The extensive data is translated into a small bar code type as the barcode machine understands the code and decode the data in a more massive structure.

Barcode for bookings, dispatch of goods to optimize the transportation movement, which reduces the cost and paperwork. This bar-coding system helps to prevent fraud data, and duplicate data is prevented, Receiving and delivery of the product are tracked down in the company.

 A mobile application mostly referred to as application software designed to run on smartphones, tablets, etc. It serves similar service as like those accessed on PCs

Transport Management Benefits tracks down the booking, dispatch of the consignment in the mobile app. The loading and unloading is traced down in the mobile app 
The Barcode Scanning of shipment at dispatch and unloading is traced down on mobile.

8.Full truck Management
Manages the shipping movement of large amounts of unique cargo, generally the amount necessary to fill an entire semi-trailer or intermodal container. This is as similar to a less than Truckload Company that usually mixes freight from several customers in each trailer.

 Full truckload 
 It’s also known as FTL, i.e. full truckload, which means enough products or goods (solid /liquid) to fill an FTL is less than Truck Load (LTL). LTL means all the collective orders are combined in a Truck Load and this is applied to third-party logistics (3PL) operations were shipments from customers to the hub is taken place. A full truckload or a particular truck is dedicated due to security and safety parameters. Optimizing from truckloads to full tuck loads improves the utilization of truck transport and reduces the cost, risk, number of deliveries and empty mileage. Transportation Operational cost is optimized, which brings profits to the company over time.

Steps Involved 
  • The primary step can be split up into large volumes ( i.e. from supplier to a producer) into FTLs.This step gives out the optimal way, which reduces transportation costs, deliveries, risk of damage.
  • Secondary step, FTL to resources, such that the mileage and time is minimized, used optimally to reduce the operation cost
TMS software Logistics manages the booking, dispatch, and delivery of the consignment to the destination. Vendor’s management of payment is maintained at each level of shipment
Customer's receipts are provided, invoice bills are also provided through this Management system TMS software.

9.Courier Booking Management
Manages the courier, maintain of hub details, maintain company details, process data of companies, etc This system is used in day to day activities such as booking.CMS solution handles the complete process, end to end process starting from courier order, courier pick up from driver and delivery of a courier to the destination

TMS software solution handles end to end process from booking and delivery service location and branch creation. Maintains the hub management. End to end process of booking, dispatch, and pod update.


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